Senior Personal Trainer

Our Personal Trainers Bring a Healthy LIfestyle to Your Home

 Resonant senior fitness introduction program is designed to help you embark on a fitness journey that’s tailored to your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re new to exercise or looking to maintain your vitality, our program offers a gentle yet effective approach to senior fitness.

Senior Fitness Specialization

Our Phoenix Senior Fitness Certified Personal Trainer will be a helping hand for aging adults with a desire to stay fit and active. Phoenix Senior Fitness Personal Training programs will safely progress each client through balance, strength, cardio and mobility programing in order to assist clients in maintaining movement quality and health span. Are you concerned about your fall risks? Is balance starting to become a struggle?

At Resonant, our Senior Fitness Personal Trainer will work with you to combat the cognitive and physical deficits that start to occur as we age.

Phoenix Certified Personal Trainers for Seniors

The Resonant instructor is responsible for understanding your current physical condition in relation to post injury/surgery recovery in order to ascertain any necessary exercise modifications. 

In-Home Training

Your Tempe Personal Trainer will work with you in the comfort of your own home. Skip the crowded gym and enjoy the one-on-one experience of a certified fitness expert.

Personalized Fitness Programs

At Resonant, we focus on balance, endurance, core control, and strength to increase your health span, not just life span.

Senior Fitness Certified Personal Training Programs

Combat age-related muscle and bone loss, cognitive impairment, and maintain your independence.

Focus on optimizing total body wellness & health span

Not just heavy lifting, but increased range of motion and stability. Not just cardio, but increased endurance and heart health.

Exercise Services For 60+ Adults

Senior Fitness Phoenix programs and training can prevent or delay many age-related health problems. By safely increasing strength, endurance, and stability and focusing on ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living), our Phoenix Senior Fitness Trainer can help you continue to maintain your independence. Are you interested in decreasing your health-related costs? Talk to us about our Senior Fitness Phoenix trainers and how we can work with you in the comfort of your home to elevate your overall health and wellness.

Benefits of Senior Fitness Personal Training

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Our Coaches Are More than Just Coaches

I was drawn to the wellness industry when seeking tools to deal with life and job stress. I now use my skills, certifications, and personal experience to help others prioritize health, well-being and balance. A former dancer and current yoga enthusiast, I believe practicing different movement modalities helps prevent injury and contributes to a long, healthy lifestyle. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Spe I create customized programs that focus on optimizing total body wellness, correcting postural imbalance, and building a foundation of stability, while also integrating each client’s personal health and fitness goals.


Frequently Asked Questions
A senior personal trainer is a fitness professional with expertise in designing and delivering exercise programs tailored specifically to the needs and goals of older adults, typically aged 65 and above. They focus on addressing age-related concerns such as mobility, balance, muscle strength, and bone health. These trainers possess knowledge of the unique challenges and requirements of senior clients, emphasizing safety and injury prevention. They provide one-on-one coaching, guidance, and motivation, helping seniors improve their overall fitness, maintain independence, and enhance their quality of life as they age.

Absolutely, it’s never too late to build muscle, even at 70! While it may be a bit more challenging than in your younger years, regular exercise and a well-balanced diet can still help you gain muscle mass and strength.

Strength training exercises, such as lifting weights or using resistance bands, are key to building muscle at any age. Focus on a program that targets all major muscle groups and gradually increases the intensity over time. It’s important to start with proper form and a weight that’s manageable to avoid injury.

Nutrition plays a crucial role as well. Ensure you’re getting enough protein to support muscle growth and repair. A diet rich in lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables is ideal.

Consulting a fitness professional or a doctor before starting a new exercise program is advisable, especially if you have underlying health conditions. With commitment, consistency, and the right guidance, you can improve your muscle mass, mobility, and overall quality of life at 70 and beyond.

Both weights and cardio exercise offer significant benefits for seniors. Weight training helps maintain and increase muscle mass, bone density, and functional strength, crucial for everyday activities and fall prevention. Cardio, such as walking or swimming, supports cardiovascular health, endurance, and weight management.

The ideal fitness routine for seniors often combines both elements. Prioritize activities that you enjoy and consult with a healthcare professional or fitness trainer for personalized guidance. A balanced approach that includes strength training and cardiovascular exercise can promote overall well-being, mobility, and a higher quality of life in your senior years.