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Money-saving, Speedy and Sustainable Repairs

Rose America Racking ensures that our licensed and properly trained specialists understand your equipment and will fix it correctly the first time. We take pride in not only providing the highest quality equipment but also in providing the best aftermarket service in Phoenix.



Our Repair Mission

 Fast Service

Repair doesn’t have to be complicated. We aim to provide a repair job that leaves the area looking as good as new. You won’t even know a repair job was performed. We do this in minimal time to ensure your business and deliveries do not suffer any delay.

100% Accuracy

Repairs are only questionable if they aren’t done right. We will ensure that when we restore your shelves or cabinets, we restore them to their original weight specifications. Once we are done we will also tune in for a general inspection to ensure everything is perfect.

Safety and Guarantee

Since repairs are usually load-bearing, safety is our priority. Once we are done with the repair, we will ensure that the shelves and cabinets are strong enough to withstand the expected load by carrying out our standard tests. We host several technological types of equipment to swiftly and accurately verify the safety of the job done. Moreover, in case, you experience any issues after we leave, you can contact us for a follow-up. If the case is within the capacity of our warranty, you will get a free service.


What We Offer

Value-Added Damage Inspection

Our team is educated on incorrect system installation, usage, and damage inspection, including for seismic areas, so they can assess the damage and identify any safety concerns before something goes wrong. We also look for places where damage occurs frequently and make recommendations to reduce future risk. The pallet rack examination will result in an independent, non-biased report with a custom repair or replacement option if necessary. ROS does not exclusively propose repair kits or replacement parts. We assess each point of damage to find the most secure, cost-effective, and long-term solution for your rack system.

Planned Maintenance

To avoid serious damage and the possibility of replacement, it is best to schedule periodic maintenance. We work with many reputable companies to perform pre-scheduled detailed maintenances and inspections of the structures.

At Rose America Racking, we use the latest technology to accurately assess any invisible damage that may be starting in any cabinet, shelf, or storage rack. By pinpointing the potential area of trouble, it is possible to prevent further damage by performing timely fixes.

Emergency Repair Services

We are available 24 hours for emergency maintenance. We will keep the emergency equipment set up ready for dispatch. Hence, contact us from anywhere in Phoenix and we will be at your service at the earliest. Calling in emergency services is a good way to prevent irreversible damage.

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The absolute solution for damaged and deformed racks.

Our system performs the restoration of damage in category green and category amber without the need to move or unload the pallets.

Qualified Services

Our industry leading repairs will be your best choice for damaged racking. ROS America is a registered US Federal Contractor and our patented repair system is DEKRA Certified.

  • GuaranteeROS System Products include a lifetime warranty against workmanship and manufacturer defects.
  • EfficiencyThe repair process is quick, timely and safe with minimal disruption. Damaged racks can be repaired under full pallet load.
  • SafetyROS System proprietary repair process restores rack integrity to original load specifications.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.