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What are Leg Kits?

Leg KitsLeg Kits are rack repair extensions that are a great solution for any pallet system that has sustained damage from impact via sudden drops or reach trucks. They are mostly used to address upright damage and are one of the least expensive ways to restore the racks.

Why Use Leg Repair Kits?

This depends on the type of damage. Sometimes repairs need the replacement of a few parts, or additional reinforcement to sustain the desired load. In such cases, a repair kit is the most affordable solution compared to replacing the entire beam.

At Rose American Racking, we offer a wide variety of certified leg kits that can be used to address any kind of repair. Of course, we do not prioritize or force a solution that involves purchasing a leg kit. Through unbiased evaluation, we made an informed suggestion that certain repairs may be more reliable with leg kits to provide additional reinforcement.

  • Generally, it takes around 30 minutes to install a repair kit, without any hassle or downtime.
  • The kit extends the working life of your existing system.
  • Most kits are made of premium stainless steel, providing durable strength and protection against environmental degradation.
  • The all-bolted design prevents the need for any on-site welding.
  • The kit is available in multiple sizes and heights.
  • We can also order a custom repair kit if the client asks for one or if it is necessary for the repair.
  • The repair kit harbors heavy steel connection channels that provide rigid installation.
  • The punch pattern allows for adjustments and reinstallation.
  • Each beam has a heavy-duty powder coat finish for better performance.
  • In addition to vertical beam support, we also offer modular, bent leg and dual connection frames for heavy-duty integral bracing.
Why ROS American Racking?

Why Choose Our Service At Rose American Racking, installations are always handled by professionals, we never hire a subcontractor for installations may it be a simple hours task. We provide all kinds of racks, pallets, and shelf inhalations from the initial inspection of your facility to choosing the safest installation method. Some of the plus points of hiring us as your installation partner are mentioned below.

  • We always send in our own team.
  • Our team strategies first, then executes.
  • We maximize your warehouse capacity with compact yet effective installations.
  • We provide superior customer service.
  • We offer to tear down or removal of existing racks before installing new ones.
  • We properly anchor the system to ensure its security, balance and overall safety.
  • After installation, we will perform standard checks to ensure there is no glitch.

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Overall, superior quality, convenience and affordability make led repair kits an easy solution to many warehouse repairs. Structural Testing