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Rack Installation

We have high-quality merchandise that is built to last.

We do not only offer repairs but also provide up-to-date fix kits that are flexible for any type of infrastructure. Additionally, we also offer a detailed installation service that involves more than just turning a few nuts and bolts.

We have options to suit your needs because warehouses come in many forms and sizes. We have a large variety of new and used handling equipment that we sell and install. Among the equipment we give are standard pallet racks, mezzanine surfaces, conveyor belts, forklifts, modular offices, and other products.

Why Hire a Professional?

Let’s experts take care of intricate installations while you handle your core business. Installing kits, shelves, brackets, etc. is not as easy as it may seem. Since the final structure has to bear a load of precious products, ensuring proper fixtures is important.


Of course, you can choose to install the shelves yourselves but some advantages come with hiring an expert:

  • A reliable provider will offer a post-installation inspection to ensure that there is no fault or loose ends.
  • A professional can also review your warehouse safety and provide recommendations to effectively utilize your space.
  • Via a professional, the installation is guaranteed and in case of any issue can get a free repair (provided the case abides by the warranty agreement).
Why Rose American Racking?
Don’t Take Chances, Ask Us!

Why Choose Our Service At Rose American Racking, installations are always handled by professionals, we never hire a subcontractor for installations may it be a simple hours task. We provide all kinds of racks, pallets, and shelf inhalations from the initial inspection of your facility to choosing the safest installation method. Some of the plus points of hiring us as your installation partner are mentioned below.

  • We always send in our own team.
  • Our team strategies first, then executes.
  • We maximize your warehouse capacity with compact yet effective installations.
  • We provide superior customer service.
  • We offer to tear down or removal of existing racks before installing new ones.
  • We properly anchor the system to ensure its security, balance and overall safety.
  • After installation, we will perform standard checks to ensure there is no glitch.

Don’t Take Chances, Ask Us!

Many regulatory authorities require certain safety checks. Are you aware of these regulations? Do you know truck restraints, trailer height limits, requirements for edge safety, tape labeling, etc.? If not, worry not! We have been in the business for a long time to know every regulation. Thus, when we install a new rack or shelve, we abide by all rules and ensure that the work done is compliant with Phoenix’s regulatory authorities.

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